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Friday, July 25, 2008

Basebrawl: Arrests, Ejections, Fun.

Too lazy to read? Listen to this entry:


The impetus to post about a minor-league baseball scrap needn't be described, it is best seen:

I mused on my love for fighting in baseball ages ago. In fact, my two favorite sports are those which allow (and backhandedly endorse) fighting: hockey and baseball. Don't get me wrong on the NFL, their inability to fight is easily overshadowed by the level of violence observed every snap.

The greatness of this brawl is highlighted by a few inexplicable mental lapses. When the fight kicks off about 24s in, you can see a black player run towards the left of the screen. This player -- a pitcher -- decided the best way to settle an argument between the two managers was to hurl a ball into the oppositions' dugout. In contrast to his transparent peace-making motivations, the pitcher misses the dugout completely, sent a fan to the hospital, and "has been charged with felonious assault." Ball players aren't known for their keen cognitive abilities, but come on...

The ensuing battle is best described as a cat-and-mouse-style conflict. What amazes and entertains me so much about basebrawls is the reluctance on the part of the players to actually fight. Watch the video: the vast majority of the players are taking evasive action, throwing punches and running; clutching and dancing in a circular pattern throwing bombs with reservation almost prematurely aware of the consequences.

Those who do legitimately square off are doing so almost exclusively in defense of one of their own. Their altruism rewards the fans with the brilliance of anarchy, and endows the athletes with the burden of reduced playing time. 15 players were ejected, but then concomitantly re-instated so the game could be finished. Ahh, the glorious flexibility and beloved subjectivity unique to umpires and NBA ref's on the take.

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