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Friday, July 18, 2008

NHL Futures, HNIC Song and Wild 3-Way's.

I've screwed the pooch like it was paying my bills of late, so I figured writing something -- regardless of the quality -- would be an invaluable exercise in blog-preservation. This time of year leaves many of my ilk jonesing for topics that don't include guys with initials B.F., the Yankees or Red Sox. So at the risk of owning a shitty and unkempt weblog, I'll rip one off for what feels like old time sake.

How about off-season NHL stuff? There is a rumor courtesy of the Ottawa Sun that is sure to keep the "ink-stained wretches" busy hacking away greedily. Since Ottawas' balance sheet has listed Gerber as a liability for nearly his full tenure with the team, it's not surprising they are looking to dump the underwhelming and inconsistent 'tender. However offering Andrej Meszaros to sweeten the pot gives the Sens a package that someone will inevitably see value in, which explains the willingness of the other two teams to get involved.

For the Kings to move Kopitar would take an exceedingly generous offer in the eyes of most, which is why this rumor draws skepticism. Is their value in moving their best young point-producer? Sure, but the return better include more than Gerber and Meszaros. Kopitar is a game-changer, an asset immeasurably valuable by traditional quantification. The aforementioned Sens are but cogs in the wheel of a solid, balanced NHL club, something that LA desperately needs after losing out on both Rob Blake (Sharks), and Brad Stuart (Wings). The previously-coachless Kings have significantly re-tooled in the off-season and appear poised to elevate themselves in the challenging Western conference. With their back to the wall, they seem willing to sacrifice some flash for functionality, a move that will doubtlessly frustrate Kings fans.

Remember the uproar when the Hockey Night in Canada theme song changed hands? I poo-pooed the loss then and have mounting evidence in favor of its insignificance. The song is associated with the game, not with a network or a program (which implicitly concedes that CBC may have lost out). The new HNIC song will have no bearing on viewership of CBC hockey broadcasts. Their relatively poor play-by-play, below-average camera angles and PJ Stock on the other hand will. TSN has been chipping away at CBC's lead in the quality standard department for some time, hence attention is due in areas vastly more significant than their anthem contest.

NHL Futures are up and everyone already knows the favourite. I see value in the Bruins, Blackhawks, Capitals and Flyers. Long shot on Columbus or St. Louis if you feel like gambling. Safe plays: New York Rangers v. Detroit Red Wings for Lord Stanley. Man up and post your call in the comment section: I dare you.

Thanks for reading and subscribe for the win, Cheers, Derek.


Ari Baum-Cohen said...

Yeah I like Columbus as a long shot. Not to win, just to make the playoffs. I like the 'Hawks too but not at 18/1. Surely a book will have them at higher odds before the season starts.

ankur said...

I love hawks , my favorite.

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ankur said...

NHL is high on my agenda. My boss hate me for this.

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