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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cloud9 Linkfest - Tuesday Teasers

  • Soooo, Sean Avery didn't get burned in a Hookers black book? -- Good, she wasn't much of an upgrade from Elisha.
  • Kyle Wellwood is back in Philly for another potential surgery on his sports hernia. But, it gets better, this time it's the OPPOSITE side -- Over/Under on future goals in the NHL is at 13, and I'm taking under.
  • I don't care much for Damien Cox, but I share his message regarding useless, overpaid Maple Leafs: Send them to the Minors. I'd take it further and threaten to send them to the minors unless they agree to re-negotiate or waive their no-trades.
  • Matt Leinart training hard in the off-season - And by training, I mean boozing with underage skeezers.
  • Iran vs. Kuwait in a EU Footy Match - Check out this insane goal.
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