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Monday, March 24, 2008

On the J. Roy Brawl and the Powder-Puff Media

Like fighting – which is endorsed ubiquitously -- line brawls are indeed part of the game, particularly when the intensity is cranked for a playoff series against a bitter rival. Given the frequency with which they kick off, what about this incident lends itself to the scorn of all the disapproving windbags in the mainstream media? Look no further than the legacy of Patrick Roy.

At this point everyone has seen the incident in question with enough frequency to have passed their judgment -- judgment that has unfortunately been clouded by those whose vigorously wagging fingers have (apparently) obstructed their view.

The sports pundits synchronously aligned in their steadfast disapproval have either never played the game, or are to old to remember the way things were – nevertheless they are doing a disservice to their viewers and fans by screaming bloody murder over what amounts to a turtling French-Canadian goaltender and a dust-up in the second period of a blowout hockey game.

As Ray Emery showed us last February, goalies are generally polarized when it comes to their willingness to fight. His combatant (Marty Biron) was almost as unwilling as the poor soul Jonathon Roy beat on. While I fully condemn beating on an opponent unwilling to fight, it is difficult to sympathize with anyone cowardly enough to ball themselves on the ice without even throwing a punch or attempting anything resembling honorable self-defense. This wasn't AC Slater beating on Screech, but it sure appeared that way.

The QMJHA announced they will hand out suspensions on Tuesday and if you take a peek into the rule book, it's doubtful J. Roy will be playing anytime soon. As for Coach Roy? I think his involvement will be overlooked in favor of throwing the book at the players, as J. Roy and company are much more deserving of any forthcoming reprimand. And speaking of punishment: if you agree with my assessment of the soft media who prefer watching the von Trapp family sing their way through the Alps over a little old-time hockey, then subscribe to Cloud9 and keep reading. Thanks for stopping in, Cheers -- Derek.

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