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Friday, March 21, 2008

Best Blogger Contest Announcement.

Surely everyone with a pulse is well jazzed for the NCAA March Madness. Even if you don't like basketball the TV programming is ideal for a casual fan to take in the last 2-3mins of a given contest -- essentially the only part of a basketball game that is worth watching.

Whats more is the fact that I have entered a dirty little Best Of 64 tourney myself, this in the for of The Next Great Hockey Blogger contest at Hockeybuzz.com. Scroll down to the bottom there and check out the old boy DB cracking the field of 64 beating out 450+ applicants.

I have little doubt that I can win this, so look forward to updates and the like from me whenever I get them.


More people need to listen to this Wed's Podcast; plainly it's great. Pronger, Avery, Eastern Conference playoffs races Rick Dipietro, Lions, Tiger, Bears and Bendy woman galore! So scroll down and get into it! Cheers, Derek.

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