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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Because Linkfarms generate traffic...

& honesty is the best policy!" - Moms.

To start: a photo of the woman I'd most like to punch in the face if I were a female =====>

  • A detailed chart showing games played for Stanley Cup Finalists over the past decade+.
  • Some good points regarding the next GM of the Toronto Makeme Laffs.


  • Remember Boating and Alcohol is fun, but potentially dangerous. Ex. Speed Boat docks on the wrong beach -- next to the 6th Green.
  • As much as corporate filth like this should anger you, this stuff is pretty funny.
  • Batshit Bill O'Reilly goes off in the day.

  • Megan Fox Topless, but covered... Intriguing, I know...

  • Best In-Game Dunks of the '07-'08 season: This is the only form of NBA I can tolerate.
  • Marvin Harrison: Mild-mannered Colts receiver has a very interesting story -- and potentially a addition to his wrap sheet.

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