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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Forsbergs' foot is still fooling us all. Is he back... AGAIN?

This man was the best player in the NHL, is one of three members of the double Triple Gold Club, and recently turned down numerous NHL contracts that would have enhanced his wealth and protected his family (financially) for decades just to protect his integrity. Men who care this passionately about their reputation and legacy are few and far between in North America, so perhaps Peter Forsberg owes these qualities to his modest Swedish upbringing. In any case, todays news from his Nordic stomping ground will surprise you.

Many have criticized Peter and his agent for dragging out the recent recruitment process that has been anything but cohesive and predictable. While sycophants in the press boxes have gushed endlessly about all the particulars of his return and its on-again, off-again nature, we have been throw yet another sexy glance to be undoubtedly followed with more hot and heavy action. In specific terms I am alluding to the event which followed his agents declaration that Peters' return is unlikely, in which Peter himself piped up in Stockholm and stated he remains hopeful his foot will mend before the window of opportunity closes on Feb 26th.

Huh? This dance is on again, Pete?

Startling as it may be that this continues to consume us, we mustn't heap the blame solely onto Forsbergs' shoulders, even though he has repeatedly stoked the fires and encouraged growingly disinterested onlookers to usher themselves under the Big Top. We are a part of this circus because the media knows the level of interest surrounding a great champion like Peter Forsberg. However, the resultant myopia is more dizzying than the Gravitron.

It's likely that GMs will keep their dealings in line according to the worst-case scenario to mitigate Forsberg-related uncertainty. In other words, if I were a GM at the meetings in Naples as we speak, I would essentially pretend Forsberg doesn't exist and get the best of whatever I can elsewhere. This is much more difficult for Chicago, Philadelphia, Colorado and perhaps Ottawa, Vancouver and Minnesota, who have been hanging on for dear life in the Forsberg sweepstakes. In this instance they'd be best suited to draw up an offer and let Peter know where you stand, inclusive to the treat-him-like-a-ghost caveat above.

Enigmatically and overwhelmed the GM's will grind through their meetings in Naples cautiously optimistic that Forsberg remains one of three things: in their line up, in Sweden, or in a rivals line up, but in their press box and listed as DTD. At this point, to all of us not in Naples or Stockholm, its seems although all three are equally likely. What we can be certain about however, is that the rumors won't cease until we are celebrating the 102nd anniversary of the Anti-Deficiency Act.

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