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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cloud9 Sports Podcast: Tiger, Eli Manning and the Tipster.

Enjoy the newest auditory submission on Cloud9 Sports. This podcast continues the State of Sports Address with a look at why Tigers' dominance is bad for the PGA, a profile of Super Bowl QB Eli Manning and how his emergence should be judged, and lastly a humourous beef on Sports gambling and the Fan 590.

Thanks for listening! - Derek.


Dave McIntyre said...

As an aging boomer, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Nice to see a young guy who actually likes baseball and knows that 'hold-em' poker isn't a sport.
Your informative writing about Roger 'my ego is bigger than Texas' Clemens and steroids was both credible and fair.
But alas, you young pup, I have to take you by the ears and straighten you out concerning your opinion on Tiger Woods and the players on the PGA Tour not stepping it up.
In my life I have seen the greatness of Mohamed Ali. Michael Jordan and a personal favourite, Secretariat. I think we are seeing the same in Tiger Woods. How do you propose that the other players 'step it up'? Should they huddle in the locker room for a 'win one for the gipper' speech. Your 'step it up' is about as useful as the trainers of the other horses running against Secretariat being told to 'run faster'.
Are you saying that the likes of Ernie, Phil and even Mike Weir are not trying their best? Or would you like some bug like bravado like Rory Sabbattini who eventually was crushed on the windshield of Tigers Buick.
I checked the spelling of underachiever. It's spelled SERGIO.
Keep up the good stuff Derek, but remember the adage write about what you know.
I don't know if Tiger is the greatest athlete of both your generation and mine. But right now it looks like a two foot tap in.
Dave McIntyre

Derek Braid said...

You mustn't misconstrue my loathing for the field as disrespect for Tiger Woods and his accomplishments. I state this plainly a few times. Tiger is awesome, and is the most dominate athlete of my lifetime (I was a little young to fully appreciated MJ, but do recall the last of his NBA titles.)

While the field may be trying their best on the course throughout the week, they can benefit from the type of dedication Tiger shows -- something evident in his mental focus and physical conditioning. Should the others make this type of commitment, it will improve their game and subsequently the PGA tour.